June 25, 2009

ABC's infomercial....

Why doesn't ABC or the rest of the mainstream media understand the fact that we are not England, have not had BBC censors only showing one sided political news for 50 years and by attempting such nonsense, they really angered many of us. Giving Obama an entire day of sole news coverage, excluding a republican scandal, then refusing to air a "response" from Republicans rubbed many the wrong way whether they favor Obamaheathcaredestruction or not. WE THE PEOPLE are at least used to hearing both the President do a news conference and an opposition response. It always happened under Bush excluding 9/11 which was an emergency. When over 80% of Americans are satisfied with their health care, I don't see that as an emergency. Now the pResident gets unfettered coverage for a day and PAID Republican advertisements get turned down??? Now ABC is reduced to Always Barack's Communism!!!!
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