June 07, 2009

Have I Mentioned That I Really Like

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R, Tn)? Well, I do. Just watched her on a DVR'd episode (I know, get a Life) of Hannity. She is an intelligent, well spoken, tough, conservative, and attractive woman. What is not to like? She needs to get more media exposure. Palin, Blackburn, Bachmann, there is a trend forming here. More and more the real rising stars of conservativism are bright and attractive women. Something the libs have very few of. They are mostly of the homely, shrill, hateful women variety. I have always thought the louder you are and the more you repeat mantras the less intelligent you are. By that measure most of the uber lib women are pretty un-intelligent.
I find it interesting that so many of the voices I hear speaking true conservatism and really making me have some hope that someone in D.C. Gets it, are Women. Look who is probably the most conservative leader in Europe, Angela Merkel of Germany. I would have zero problem supporting any of these, and several others, for higher office.
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