June 25, 2009

Obama's war

This is war Obama-style. I just saw on the Fox ticker that troops in Afganistan have been ordered not to fire back when fired upon from "civillian" homes in the Afganistan theater. Do Taliban use homes, uniforms and/or military bases???? IS OBAMA OUT OF HIS MIND????? This will make Afganistan the biggest quagmire since Vietnam where similar rules of engagement were in place. Since when do we INCREASE troop presence, then instruct them not to shoot back when fired upon. This is BOVINE SCATOLOGY at it's FINEST. The pResident is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This mirrors EVERY other policy this stupid idiot has pursued since taking office. YES THIS HAS SLIGHTLY RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY. I CANNOT STAND FOR OUR TROOPS TO BE PUT IN SUCH POSITIONS. Hey TALIBAN, ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS GO IN A HOUSE AND YOU CAN KILL AMERICANS WITH APPARENT IMPUNITY!!!! Makes me wonder what side pResident Obama is REALLY on. (I think you could call this a rant)
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