June 01, 2009

Just Stating The Obvious

You know...Cause I can.

So if we used the Wayback machine we might be able to remember back far enough into the dim past. I believe that it was lets see... ever so slightly more than 133 days ago. I belive it was about November 15th, 2008. Boy, those were the days. Yessir, the CEO's of the Big Three (that is what we used to call the three publicly traded, capitalistic automobile companies; now we can call them the Government Two and the Lone Stranger Ford)flew on their evil corporate jets to ask with hat in hand for a Federal bailout because "Bankruptcy is not a viable option".

Many weirdos on the Right said "That is what bankruptcy is for! Let them fail! They need to fail!"

Silly Us, Tricks are for Liberals. We didn't realize that BEFORE going bankrupt and being served on a platter to the parasitic UAW, they would have to be made beholden to the Obamanation. If not, then how would the UAW, The Fed, and Canada ever have gotten to split it up how they wanted?
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