June 23, 2009

Obama’s To Do List

Spend unprecedented amounts of money – Check

Pay off favors and campaign contributions from the Unions – Check

Turn the greatest nation in the world into a Fascist economy – Check

Put all my best buddies into positions of power and use the office of president to protect them – check check

Ruin troubled US Economy – Triple Check

Kiss China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and North Korea’s Ass – Check check check check and CHECK

Take Michelle to Dinner and a Play – Check

Take cool Pictures of my new plane – check

Piss off our greatest allies – check check check

Apologize to everyone in the world for America’s greatness – check

Fire that old mean guy that doesn’t like my BFF stealing taxpayer money - Check

Do Nothing to fix Immigration, Abortion, Gay Rights, Crime, Drugs, the decay of the family unit, high taxes, runaway spending, congressional corruption, or Totalitarianism and Genocide in the world – All over that, Got it covered, Check.

Secure lasting Democrat majority by enabling the gerrymandering the whole country - CHECK

Ruin Healthcare -

Ruin Education System -

Fix Planet’s Climate -

Become Supreme Ruler of the Universe -

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