June 15, 2009

You know what we all are? An Army without a Standard Bearer

Yep, got my tinfoil hat on, watching my DVR'd Glenn Beck and other right wing hate mongering propaganda... Cleaning my gun.

There was a gentlemen on Beck that was talking about everyone who attended his tea parties signing basically a call sheet to be ready for mobilization and it kind of hit home for me.

We are all minutemen, like in the revolutionary times. We are an army ready to take this nation back from the Progressive Statists who want us to live in Bolshevickian (I made that up but it sounds cool) Bliss.

What we do not have is someone to carry our flag, a Standard Bearer. We do not have an applicant pool from which to choose from.

We MUST find this person, or these people so we can coalesce behind them and get this country back on track.

Another thing Glenn said was that there was no difference in direction between Dems and Reps only speed. I think that is true as well.
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