June 15, 2009

Right-Hand Turn: Mark Levin on Sarah Palin.

Great post from Drooz.

Mark Levin on Sarah Palin.

I think this was a really great broadcast. I listened to it live, and then it was also posted in a blog entry on Redstate. I absolutely agree with something Levin says about halfway through the video; as conservatives, we must stop allowing people like Palin to be trashed. We each have our own personal tastes, and I'm not urging that everybody fawn over Sarah Palin and anoint her like the Left did to Obama, but she's one of our major powerplayers. When bitter losers like David Letterman are allowed to completely trash an honest, hardworking, self-made politician but nobody is allowed to criticize The O, it's pretty apparent that our country has reached a low point.
A fourteen year old girl was made fun of on national television, and an entire studio audience laughed at the idea of her rape. We cannot stand for this! I'm absolutely livid.
This goes beyond Sarah Palin. Limbaugh, Cheney, Jindal, Bachmann, and even Carrie Prejean have been ripped to shreds by the media over the last few months. For Limbaugh, Cheney, and Palin, it's gone on longer than that. I'm sick and tired of hatred toward conservatives. What people like Letterman don't realize is that when he insults Sarah Palin, he's insulting all people who identify and agree with her beliefs. If she were liberal, she would be hailed as a hero; self-made politician, mom, and small business owner. Bristol would be getting support from movie stars and the editorial staff at the New York Times for her brave choice to be a teenage mother. Piper would still have her lemonade stand.
It's because of her beliefs that she is ridiculed. Sarah Palin is not a stupid woman, nor is she ignorant. If she wanted government-run health care and abortion, she would become the next president without a second thought.
Ronald Reagan was also ridiculed during his time. We, as conservatives, should not let the media and talking heads tear us down; but we should not sit idly by and let it happen. If we must claw our way to the top, then so be it. I refuse to sit here and lose my country because David Letterman and his ilk think rape jokes are funny.

Right-Hand Turn: Mark Levin on Sarah Palin.

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