June 01, 2009

KOOK Core Beliefs

I have heard a lot of talk about "single issue voters" and I have given it quite a bit of thought and I think I can come up with four basic tenets of where I stand. These are not my "Hot Button Issues", these are the four beliefs that guide my decision making.

1. General distrust of all those in power.

2. Value of individual freedom over a welfare state

3. Free Market Capitalism is not perfect but it is the best system man has to providing for society's needs

4. Justice is blind, rule by Natural Law is supreme. (Natural law has nothing to do with survival of the fittest)

1. General Distrust of all those in power. From this comes the desire for the smallest government possible. We are light years from small government. We are light years from Supersize government. The media has also become too powerful becaue most sheeple do not read books anymore to educate themselves. The media has become in some ways more powerful than the politicians. Without the former, the latter would not know what to do.

2. I value individual freedom far more than I do the Government Safety Net. As soon as you accept federal assistance you are sold into slavery. This has become even more evident over the last 130+ days. Ben Franklin said (paraphrasing) that to help those in poverty, they must be made uncomfortable in their condition. We do not do this and look where it has gotten us. Also in my reading I have discovered a very counter intuitive trend. When people get layed off or fired, a great many of them end up finding better jobs making more money. Think about it: if a company fails during moderately tough times it was not that great of a company to begin with. It should have been better managed and so the people who get layed off find jobs at companies that are hiring, which are better run. That makes sense, right? If you believe that you are born free; then what business is it of the government's what you do with your life? As long as you are not harming someone else with your actions then it is no business of the government. It is definitely no business of a Federal Government.

3. Capitalism works everywhere it is tried. Everything else fails everywhere it is tried. History bears this out ad nauseum. How many Fascist countries are there? How many Nazi? How many Feudalist economies? How many Monarchies? There is a reason. Socialist Economics are failing too, just not as violently or as quickly, yet.

4. Natural law is law based on Human Nature. It has been known and understood since before the time of Christ. I believe in Equality under the law. Not Equality of Outcome, or forced eqaulity, or reverse discriminiation to level the field. We need one set of rules and everyone to abide by that ONE set of rules. And not the whims of some limp wristed feminiazi moon bat from San Francisco, real laws. Laws and concepts that are derived from a study of human nature and history. If we did that we could have more Order and Civility than we have now and would all be in a book that a person could carry with him, instead of millions of pages of incomprehensible gobbeldy gook. Natural Law has nothing to do with "only the strong survive" or whatever.
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