June 11, 2009

What is Paygo?

Many folks have a hard time with Liberal Progressive Left Wing Loon (Socialists) definitions of words. So I have researched this and here is the defintion and etymology.

Paygo (n) comes from "pay as you go" Liberals didn't really know what it meant when they heard it in the hallways of the capital; but they liked the sound of it. From what they could tell in between taking naps (it is so hard to pay attention when the adults are talking) it had something to do with spending money and they really liked that! But they soon discovered that the Fiscal Conservatives meant something about spending money in some sort of balance with the amount of money you actually had, this was very confusing to them for many years. But finally after much emoting on the issue (they do not "think" as we understand it) they came to an understanding of the concept as only a Liberal Moron could. They decided that what it means is "to raise taxes in accordance with spending".

Well Why didn't they say so?! If there is anything that LWLNJ's love to do more than spend money is to raise taxes, so this Paygo thing is GrrrrReaTT!

For the rest of you, what it is supposed to mean is that, similarly to what you do in your homes, you find out how much money you are going to make, and then you spend that amount of money or maybe even less. What Paygo means to a Fiscal Conservative is that spending must be in balance with income; without necessarily raising taxes at the same time. For Conservative theory on this concept google Reagan, Contract With America, & Newt Gingrich.

See the difference?
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