June 17, 2009

Blog Updates

Been a while since I changed much on here but I recently made some changes and thought some might like to know. I split my Blog Roll in two. There are some folks that post more regularly than others and some of us that seem to work together more frequently, so they get their own. I want to follow as many as I can and it was getting harder to keep track of who I have read.

I added the bookshelf on the bottom right. Those are all books I recommend, and you can buy them straight from the widget I think. Caution, they might make you Kooky.

It is not adware, still not doing this for money. Probably never will.

I changed the Google Search to Yahoo search and if anyone wonders why, I guess it is personal preference on my part. Google is good, but I never get what I want.

I recently joined http://www.resist.net/ and I think everyone who reads this bog should too. It is probably the way we can unite to get the candidate we need.

I keep playing with how much gets displayed on the main page daily. I am never satisfied with that.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting. This is surpassing where I ever thought it would go.

We are not alone.
We surround THEM.
Read. Learn. Question. THINK.
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