June 16, 2009

A “Shining Example of Progressive Thought Everywhere…” « The Resistance Blog

I couldn’t say it better, so I post it here:

A “Shining Example of Progressive Thought Everywhere…”

Post by Gregory of Yardale

Commenter Andrea2929 at Big Hollywood, (commenting on Bill Maher piling on the Palins in light of David Letterman’s second weaselly and insincere pseudo-apology {which no doubt was ordered by the “suits” at CBS and was not of his own volition}) displays the kind of wit and class we have come to expect from our opposite number.

good for bill (maher) for piling it on. the palin’s deserve to get their hypocritical throats stuffed chock full of venom. didn’t their daughter HAVE underage sex that resulted in pregnancy? and then didn’t they call off the wedding, thus further insulting their jesus-freak beliefs? who are THEY to criticize others for sexual impurity?!? and what about the palin’s political scandals that have surfaced in the past year. these people are monstrous idiots without any moral ground to stand on. anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-idiocy….. this is not what america is about anymore, and the voters in this country resoundingly stated this last november. palintology is a relic. useless. just like the republican party. evolve or perish. i know you all hate that word evolve.

That’s 10 lbs of crazy-hate in a 5 lb. bag, and a veritable checklist of left-wing insanity:

1. Refusal to capitalize or punctuate… Check

(Oooh! You’re so “artistic” and “unconventional” No capitals in their proper places for you! Because you’re such a free-thinking non-conformist! Yeah, show the Patriarchy what they can do with their capitals and rules of grammar! Because you reject all of that! Because you’re so free of society’s rules and conventions and you express your individuality by not using capitals when you comment on web-logs. That’s so original! It doesn’t make you look like you have a first-graders grasp of self-expression at all. No, Andrea, you are a marvelous, free-thinking, genius, because you refuse to follow the rules of grammar!)

2. Shrill Hysterical Tone … Check

(Because name-calling, insults, and balls-to-the-wall attacks are so much more compelling than reason and restraint.)

3. Attacking Family Values… Check

(OMG! They tried to instill in their daughter the belief in not getting pregnant before marriage, and she got pregnant! Obviously this means it’s wrong to try and teach teenage girls not to get pregnant before marriage!)

4. Attacking Christian beliefs… Check

(OMG! They didn’t turn their teenage daughter into the streets when she got pregnant! What kind of Christians are they! Lousy hypocrites!)

5. Calling conservatives idiots … Check

(Conservatives are so stupid, they can’t see the humor in an edgy child-rape joke.)

6. Obsession with sex … Check

(Obsession over abortion and gay rights are the outward manifestation of the leftists desire to hav unrestricted sex with anyone, any time, without consequences. For which, they are wiling to trade away every other human freedom.)

7. Reality inversion … Check

(i.e. Scumbag Bill Maher who treats women like disposable Kleenex is great, but the Palins are terrible for defending the honor of their daughters.)

8. Assertions that conservatives are a dying breed … Check

(Never mind surveys showing twice as many conservatives as liberals in the population. Nobody in Andrea’s Post-Graduate Womyn’s Finger-Painting class is a conservative, therefore, Conservatives are a dying breed.)

9. Unfiltered hate … Check

(Conservative “rage” over a child-rape joke is so fake. Keith Olbermann said so and Rachel Maddow agreed. The only valid source of rage in the world comes from the horrible knowledge that some people are conservative and therefore think differently than you do.)

10. Moral inversion … Check

(Andrea viciously attacks the Palins for responding to an unexpected pregnancy with grace, dignity, and compassion while showing none of these qualities herself, yet she still holds out herself as superior to them.)

There’s a lot more bitter insanity in that little post, but why bother getting into it? I’m just glad I don’t have to carry the burden of that hate and bitterness with me everywhere I go.

A “Shining Example of Progressive Thought Everywhere…” « The Resistance Blog

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