June 16, 2009

Spreading the Link Love Around

In the name of Socialism, Fascism, Communism, and any other ISM you can think of I am going to spread the Link Love around.

From Moonbattery – great blog, read it, love it.

  • Obama Helps Himself to More Power – But of Course, that is what he does
  • ABC News to Operate From White House - at least they are being open about it
  • Over $1 Trillion to Cover One Third of Uninsured – no cross to heavy and no price too great for the middle class to bear in order for Obamarx to reach his goal of (in DR Evil Voice) TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION
  • Government to Give Our Money to ChiComs in Name of Global Warming Farce – Why not? They own everything else
  • Debt Is Already at $250,000 per American – Is that All?Chairman Zero better get busy in order to make us all slaves before we all realize it.
  • Pregnant "Man" Miscarries, Vows to Try Again – ok…WTF..seriously why is this news?
  • The Okies Return – EXTREMELY INTERESTING…and very true
  • Chairman Zero in Command – of what?
  • Moonbattery

    Right Wing News, he is a pro blogger, but his stuff is top drawer and I read it religiously.

    Letterman's Misogyny And Crude Remarks At Palins Avoid Media Scrutiny – and this is shocking why?
    Obama's Economic Policies Are Failing Miserably – It is all Rush Limbaugh’s Fault for wishing him to fail
    Even The A.M.A. Opposes ObamaCare Why do we care what they think? What to Doctors know about Healthcare anyway that a lifelong politician doesn't know better?
    Wow, Michelle Obama Hates Carla Bruni...A lot – That is OK the feeling is mutual. Since when does a angry black woman not hate them skinny little white girls?
    Leon Panetta Should Resignalong with about 600 other people in D.C. what else is new?
    Buying Cars From Chrysler And General Motors? No Thanks. Me Neither

    White Supremacist [UPDATED: And Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic] Shoots Holocaust Memorial Guards—UPDATED – HE WAS A LEFTIST!
    IRS Could Soon Tax Your Company Wireless Device If it exists it exists only to be taxed… I keep saying this.
    Terrorists Captured on Foreign Battlefields Get Miranda Rights How about some Freaking Victims rights for a change?

    The 15 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media – Wouldn't it be nice if we did this for Liberals…except it would have to be like the 5 best…there are not that many good looking liberals not in Hollywood. remember Politics is Hollywood for the Ugly.

    Clay at BBCW, read it almost as much as I read this Blog. Plus he is also from SW MO. He is also spot on…at least from a KOOK perspective.

    Obama Doesn't Want to Meddle with Iran- Where is the Hope to Prevent a Nuclear Iran- HE DOESN’T care he is too busy ruining this country to keep someone else from ruining theirs. He will get around to Iran later

    Gas Prices Rising to Over $3 a Gallon in California Just wait till August…

    Obama's Latest Plan Gives Federal Reserve Ultimate Power Over Struggling US Corporations – UN-Limited Power mmwa ha haaaa

    Charlie Gibson and ABC News Whores its Credibility in Exchange for Obama's Healthcare Rhetoric – Again, at least they are open about it. Oh Charlie Gibson of the Sarah Palin I smell poo face. What an ass.

    Where Does Michelle Obama Shop, The Washington DC Goodwill Store- Wow her arms look good… when someone compliments you on your arms…who says “my arms are my best feature?” Other than venice beach bodybuilders. My mom always said “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” of course if you are running in the Progressive crowd the beauty bar is much lower. They compliment her arms cause they can’t compliment her face, her legs…or her personality.

    Barack Obama is a Failure - it is All Rush’s Fault I tell you.

    Musings of a Vast Right Winger, always has interesting posts. This one on Globull Warming really caught my attention. Watch out Al Franken will call you a Lying Liar.

    Canada frosts the most widespread in recent memory – Talk about an Inconvenient Fact

    Four of Top Five U.S. Newspapers Buried Story on Obama’s Call for Government-Owned Health Insurance – It was not flattering to dear leaders objectives

    EPA Weighs Farting Cow Tax – because if you can tax it, you can control it. If you can control it you can take it, and if you take it you make people less free. Farmers Own Land, tax their cattle and their crops so that they go broke and they cannot own the land, hence they are more easily bent to the will of the Nanny State.

    Right Klik, Right on…

    The Ugly Truth The road to government-run health care begins with deception. Here's the evidence: – No Kidding…that is what they DO…LIE, Cheat, Steal.

    A Whiff of Desperation – I smell something from the white house too Right Klik, but I am not sure if it is Desperation or just BS.

    Tasteless and Hypocritical – Pretty much sums up Liberal Media doesnt it?

    Self Evident Truths- Euripides is great. Alway good stuff there.

    Standing for Something- Part 6 - Edmund Burke on Lust- There you go talking that old stuff again…man this is the present and we be kickin it zero style!

    Gallup Poll - “Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group _ And Here I thought we were a dying breed, that Chairman Zero, pResident Obamarx had a MANDATE? Guess there are a lot of KOOKs like me.

    A Quick Thank You – No Thank you.

    And all the rest of ya’ll who stop in and read mine and Joel’s Kooky Ideas and Rantings regularly. We are Not Alone, We Do Surround Them, we have history on our side, we are logical reasonable, contributing members of society and eventually we will have to prevail. I appreciate all of you too, because when I started this blog I felt like there were probably not that many people who were crazy like me. Now I know that I really am not that kooky. It is a joke now, like the Tinfoil thing (btw, pass the gun cleaner will you?…shhhh there goes another helicopter). I also thank Glenn Beck, without him I would not be doing this, he inspires me nearly daily. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin… the conservative intellectuals are truly intellectuals…not puppets like Al Franken and Michael Moore and their ilk.

    Keep up the good work everyone. Someday we will find our Standard Bearer and then…

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