June 29, 2009

More about Global Warming...

On another blog, someone made the comment that "Global Warming is happening and I laid out a history lesson as to a possible reason why:

....Have you ever studied European History, especially the end of the Roman Empire, and the beginning of the middle ages? Right at the beginning of the "middle ages" we experienced a similar warming cycle as the one today. After about 100 years or so during which temps rose up to 2-5C, the climatological bottom fell out. This led to a cooling pattern known as the "little ice age." (They even do stories about it on history channel) My question to you is who was driving the SUVs that caused the warming cycle leading to the warm period preceding the "little ice age?" What legislation was passed that stopped this horrible warming from taking place putting an end to Vikings settling Greenland, winemaking in England, and led to the Bubonic Plague outbreak? I believe that the factors leading to the cooling were not legislated by the English Parliament, Kings or Popes, but were the following: During the warm period preceding the "little ice age", polar ice caps melted just as they are now probably because of increased solar activity. Then the solar cycle shifted just as fresh water from melting ice caps blocked the oceanic conveyor (known in my part of the world as the Gulf Stream) which stopped the transportation of heat from the equator where it is stored to the mid and northern latitude regions of Earth leading to the "little ice age". There is evidence supporting a theory that a similar string of events pushed nomadic groups of people SW from northern Europe and Asia into the Roman Empire @400 A.D. leading to the fall of the Romans but this is debatable. Still, I have shown plenty of evidence here that the Earth goes through temperature cycles whether there are SUVs or not. Also, if as some claim that "cow flatulence" is the biggest cause of "global warming" how come the dinosaurs didn't torch the planet eons ago????
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