June 28, 2009

Kooky Theory on the bank run from back in september

I just keep coming back to the big question. Who was behind the bank run in September? The way I see it if there had not been a bank run pushing us into the financial crisis Chairman Zero's chances would have been much slimmer. I have heard murmurings of a lot of theories. The oil sheiks mostly. China is another one. I keep watching and I keep trying to connect the dots. The amount of money is staggering. It was real close to the amount confiscated from the goons caught in Italy a couple weeks ago. Everyone says that would almost certainly had to have been a country behind that attempt to cash in on the dollar. So who was behind the run on the banks. I think we were. It was a few big time hedge funds; that much has been admitted to. Who benefitted from the bailouts and the bankruptcies of the auto companies so far? Unions, the big investment banks, politicians, GE, other sympathetic industries. Who will benefit from the cap and tax bill? Big investment banks, politicians, GE and other energy producers...see similarities? Who put all this stuff on the table? Well admittedly, Bush kicked it off, but chairman Zero has been carrying it forwrd as fast as possible ever since.

I think it was donefrom within by different factions who all stood to benefit in a big way from the ensuing bailouts, bankruptciesm and massive increases in cost to all current forms of energy and makers of so called alt. energy.

That is certainly who all this nonsense benefits...always ask who benefits...
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