June 27, 2009

Scare Tactics????

I have been pondering the vote on energy tax all morning. I was wondering why those Repubs would vote just enough to get this passed in the house by 1 vote. This seemed odd to me, and then I remembered that these are politicians running for election in 2010. I am wondering if maybe the Republicans (knowing that they have Dems strongly siding with them in the Senate against this travesty) gave Pelosi a one vote win intentionally. Is it possible that knowing this has no chance in the Senate, the Repubs intend to use this as a weapon in 2010 so the gave in just enough to let it pass by 1 vote in the house. This is putting more faith in Repubs than I usually have, but we are entering the time when both parties will begin posturing for the upcoming elections and maybe this is an attempt to give Dems the rope to hang themselves as they did in 93/94. This goes back to Minority Leader Boener's curious statement that Repubs are allowing Debate....to leave it to those across the street to do their jobs. AS far as I'm concerned this would be dangerous brinksmanship with the future of the country but it is a scenario worth considering.
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