June 15, 2009

Government Healthcare plus Time equals Eugenics

I am going to say this very short and sweet and to the point. Let's debate it.
Fact: even 0 says that we cannot afford to spend the way we have.
Fact: Our biggest liability and expenditure are with our entitlements, SSI, medicare, disability, etc. Most people admit it is unsustainable.
Fact: if we cease these it will lead to anarchy as we have all discussed.
Fact: more people all the time are getting on the dole. A huge percentage of our population is retiring and or disabled.
Fact: even with the above facts the liberals are in a froth to get a Govt. Run Healthcare.

Conclusion: Hmmm...looks like to me the only way to reduce welfare expenses is to have less folks talive...

Supposition: The truly wealthy will always get the best healthcare and so will federal government workers...

Does anyone but me think healthcare rationing is the reason the moonbats want govt healthcare so bad? Does anyone else see that this is a way to answer the "elderly and poor question" sorta like the Jewish Question Hitler had? Are we going down that road?

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