June 25, 2009


"Atlantic Hurricane Season 09, Global Warming?

Hurricanes feed off warm waters no matter what part of the world they are from. Those who are pushing the "global warming" farce...I mean agenda don't want you to see this map. This map shows the temperature change compared to normal over the N.Atlantic basin which is the origin of all Hurricanes that impact the U.S.A. "Global Warmies" are claiming that the ocean temps are warming which is leading to glacial melt, polar bear extinction and a need to paint your roofs white. Well here's the real picture and it tells a very different story from mainstream academia

For those of you who don't understand the map, the cooler (blue, purple areas) are cooling, and the orange and red areas are warming. Now you tell me, is the Atlantic heating up like ALGORE says or is it cooling down?

This is the reason I am predicting a near average hurricane season this year and not a repeat of 2004 or 2005." (5/09)

The point to all this was to say that this has changed drastically. unfortunately, I cannot at this time get the graphics to go with it to show my point. however, I feel it is only right to not be ABC and give you folks all the facts. Since my original post didn't work,I am using this one to fix it. The sad thing is that those who support global warming unlike many of us will use this short term change to push their radical agenda even further and faster. I'm sure many of you in the southern half of the U.S. have noticed it has been a tad warmer than normal. That is either a result of or has resulted in the above mentioned changes. This likely means a hot summer for you, and possibly a destructive summer and fall for those of us living along the coast.
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