June 23, 2009

ACORN now playing COI with us…from BBCW


ACORN Plays With English: Different Name Same ACORN

ACORN is looking to confuse you about their identity while trying to hide their corruption under a different name. ACORN is now Community Organizers International. Don’t be fooled, Community Organizers International is the same bunch of cheaters prepared to fix American elections by registering people 75 times or more. With this shift in name, they are also throwing law suits at those who question the integrity of this group of cheaters. Whistleblowers beware!

“We’ve known for many months now that the name ACORN is going to be retired,” Marcel Reid said. “The name has been so damaged to the point where the leadership knows it simply can’t go on as it has with the ACORN label out front and center, especially after all of the reporting.”

Same old ACORN just a new name!



adjective 2. uncommunicativesecretive, evasive, taciturn, unforthcoming, tight-lipped, close-lipped

Fits right?  And right out of the Rules for Radicals/Progressive playbook. When they dirty up a label they just repackage the same ol dead fish and resell it.  Liberal/progressive/liberal/progressive; bufoonish thug/community organizer/pResident/Chairman Zero.

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