June 29, 2009

C-Gens climate post...

C-Gen just told me that he is getting more traffic and comments on the climate collaboration post that I joined him on than he has ever had before. I just wanted to say thank you to the readers here for supporting us on that. C-Gen did an impressive Global Warming/Politics post and really made me step up my game to make my part worth being added to it. Then you folks made all our work worth while by going there, reading commenting. C-Gen wanted me to thank you all for supporting him. I believe it is important for us to support those coming up behind us. Just because a blog doesn't have as many followers does not make it any less important and with our readership growing, I think it is very important to help those who are up and coming. Who knows, a smaller blogger like C-Gen may be the one we are looking up to one day so let's give them support whenever we can
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