June 29, 2009

KOOK’s Manifesto Read in 50% of US States and several Foreign Countries

This is just cool folks.  Thanks to all the folks to read, comment, and generally contribute to the site.  Special Thanks to Joel, who has been hugely influential in increasing the appeal and readership.  Thanks to BBCW, LCR, BlackandGoldFan, and MAinfo your stuff is always engaging, and often worthy of theft.  And thanks to everyone else who is fighting the good fight. Currently according to my little map thingy I have been read in WA,CA, ID, AZ, CO, TX, MS, FL, GA, AL, NC, SC, DC (thanks Rahm), VA, MD, NJ, NY, CN, MA, OH, MI, WI, MN, IL,  TN, KY, and MO.

Too cool for a guy who didnt know what a blog was really until this year.

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