June 25, 2009

First Lady Is Creating Role That Reflects Her Passions - washingtonpost.com

So I was surfing the web in my usual KOOK way, and I found this article that actually pre-empts Chairman Zero’s Obamamercial on Government Assisted Euthanasia, Eugenics, and medical rationing system which I like to call the Zero Health Care Plan, because we will get Zero Health Care, and that is the Plan…

So I was reading the story on Lady Zero (have you seen her arms?) and to give you a short synopsis: She is important dammit, and people like her, and her first chief of staff (why does the wife of the President need a staff, oh yeah because of Hillary) was not aggressive and pushy enough so she fired her and hired an old crony who told Axelrod that he better start listening to her (cause she is important dammit). She doesn’t want to just plant gardens and read to kids, because she needs to be important, cause she is smart dammit, and she is going to be very involved in the healthcare reform (Trying to fill Hillary’s pantsuit again, sorry as bad as I dislike Hillary, you are no Hillary Clinton). She hired a full time speech writer too (wonder if she gets her own set of prompters?) because she is smart and Important, dammit! She has things to say as soon as her speech writer writes them! She is a Lawyer, and a former Policy Maker and she is a woman of substance, not some stay at home mom. I am woman hear me Roar!

And then, Then, she was quoted as saying something I can wholeheartedly support, fully and without condition. For the good of her family, let us all work together to ensure that this happens as soon as humanly possible and without any wavering. Please, it is critical:

“Obama has also taken stock of her family life, which she has found to be more constrained than she expected. She has concluded that there's really only one road toward some semblance of a private life for them -- and it leads away from the White House.”

Please, I call out to all Americans, let us make sure that the Obama’s family life can get back to the way it used to be as soon as possible.

Then there was this little gem:

“Last, she exhorted her staff to find a personal balance. For her part, Obama informed them that she would practice what she preached: She did not intend to work more than 2 1/2 days a week. She was also planning to take off the month of August.”

One one hand, it is an unpaid position, that of first lady, but her staff is not unpaid. If she only works 2 1/2 days a week, what do they work. I sure do not want her to get over extended. Oh and taking the month of off August, fantastic. Do you think her staff will be hard at work with nothing to schedule, write, arrange, plan, or orchestrate for a month? Do you think we will be paying them?


Oh this article is a treasure trove of valuable intel:

Unspoken but well known to some in the room was how unhappy Obama had been with the lack of campaign support she received during the presidential primaries. The president's advisers acknowledge that Michelle Obama was ill-served in the early days of the 2008 campaign, when opponents were able to portray her (Because it is the truth) as unpatriotic, haughty and a caricature of an angry black woman. (easy to do when she makes poo faces like she did at Carli Bruni) She was horrified to learn that she had become a liability to the candidate for saying that for the first time in her life, she was proud of her country. (I do not know why anyone would misconstrue that statement to mean that she was un-proud of her country for the first 40+ years of her life, signaling she was unhappy to be an American)

"Obviously, given how fundamentally distorted the public lens was on her, I think we could have done a much better job for her. . . . I don't think there's any question about that," Axelrod concedes. "It took her a while to dig out of that." (liberal translation: “geez we were so busy with Biden’s idiocy, and everyone said this woman was sharp, we didn’t think she would let her true feelings show so quickly, and after that it was a lot of work to try to make people not believe her anymore, but to just listen to what we said she said she meant”)

In naming Sher, Obama took another step toward re-creating her Chicago life on a world stage.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the Chicago Machine come to Washington. Everything that we have come to love about Chicago politics is now in the White House. Crime, Corruption, Incompetence, Cronyism, you name it we got it.

Then the article goes on to discuss how she has the personal trainer and the personal chef. Raise your hand if you have a Personal Trainer on your staff, or a Personal Chef…go ahead raise your hand. No one? Me neither, but we pay for these two jokers. I am sure that the Navy has some cook that could whip up some grub for them, but they have a Personal Chef, no simple fixins for the Family of O.

Damn, it just keeps on ticking…better and better

So now, with school over for the year, Obama has developed a plan that takes her and the girls out of Washington, where she thinks they can have more fun and independence. Sasha and Malia accompanied the first lady to San Francisco

(on the taxpayers dime, who has kids that would like to go to San Francisco for a week? Boy, how is that for sacrifice?)

on Monday, and next month, they will join their parents on an official presidential trip to Russia, Italy and Ghana. The family is expected to spend more time at Camp David, where they can entertain close friends in privacy.

Didn’t the media excoriate Dubya for spending so much time at Camp David and in Crawford?

At work, Obama runs her office like a business in which she is chief executive. She doesn't want to micromanage, she has made clear; she wants to delegate. Up and down the hall are professional women…

Only Women, what is she some sort of sexist or what? No men at all on her staff? That is an outrage, this is the era of inclusiveness and acceptance!

Sher, Rogers and Jarrett are so close that they have rented apartments in the same Georgetown building, near the waterfront, with Jarrett and Sher directly across the hall from each other. "We'll even do errands together on the weekend," Sher said. The first lady attended a small birthday celebration for Rogers last week and has had "girls' nights" with the women.

Well, ain’t that sweeet, I am so glad that we are paying for her best friends and all so that they can go out and have Girl’s nights. Isn’t that special?

They all know that Obama wants to continue to offer opportunities to people like herself. She grew up in working-class South Chicago, in the shadow of one of the most elite private colleges in the country, the University of Chicago. Yet Obama recalls vividly that when she was a high school student hoping to rise above her circumstances, the university seemed far beyond her reach. She was determined this would not happen at the White House on her watch.

Ok, seriously, this pisses me off. This is the perfect american story of how ANYONE can make it! They are trying to portray it as though no one can. Michelle went to HARVARD. She went from Nothing to First Lady. How is that…how can they turn that into a rallying cry? She is proof our system works if you are smart and work hard (hey, I gotta giver her props for being smart and working hard to get to where she is at, doesn’t mean I agree with anything that she says or does) What is she determined will not happen at the White House on her watch? That a poor black woman from south Chicago could go to Harvard, work at a swanky law firm, and become first lady? ARGH! that is the proof that the whole system works if you put forth the effort! What, was it sheer luck? ok…I am done…I feel a stroke coming on…&^#@!( argh

There is more in the article that irritates me, from the slam on Nancy Reagan, to exclamation that it is so great to just pick and choose people to come and talk to you, you know people that interest you!, it is all about her and the royalty aspect, it brags about all the African folks on staff, which, you know if we talked about all the white folks on staff in any presidency before would have been unthinkable. It just keeps going and going…Gah!

First Lady Is Creating Role That Reflects Her Passions - washingtonpost.com

The First Lady's Ladies in Waiting

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