June 24, 2009

Right-Hand Turn: As I promised...

Hey, Drooz is awesome, I know cause he says so.  But his views on Chairman Zero’s stance toward Iran, Healthcare, and all the rest of the pResident’s little antics are the same as mine, and he makes me chuckle, so I am posting it here too for everyone else’s consideration.

As I promised...

Okay, so TECHNICALLY, I'm a day late on my promised entry by three minutes. But it still counts because I live by my own form of logic, which just so happens to be infallible...I think.
A lot has happened since my last update. Iran is in turmoil, and though he's a little slow out of the gate, the best Obama's come up with is that he's "appalled and outraged." Guess what? So are millions of people. This is not a stance, this is not a rallying cry of support behind the citizens of Iran like we need to hear from our president. This is just another lukewarm "I'm angry because I need to be, but not so angry that I upset anyone" type of response that we've come to expect from him.
As the leader of the greatest country in the world, Obama needs to take a strong stance behind Democracy and show what he calls the "citizens of the world" that their voices count, and we won't stand for leaders like Ahmadinejad to take away those voices. Of course, this would fundamentally oppose Obama's entire approach to the office of POTUS; he'd have to say something and then take action corresponding to what he said. Like we've seen with, well, pretty much everything he's done since January*, he will refuse to pick sides on an issue that he can't manipulate behind the scenes. Foreign policy is not going to be Obama's strong suit during his presidency, since I doubt he can coerce foreign leaders into playing along with his little game of "Fool the American People."
Health care. I'm...wow. Obamacare absolutely terrifies me. The staggering price of covering just a third of Americans with no insurance**, about one trillion dollars, is...wait. I think, for once, I'm speechless. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. Um...wow. I'm shocked. Along with the proposed government-run healthcare, the recent attempts and successes*** at regulating things like carbon emissions and tobacco are truly signs that Obama's radical agenda that I tried to warn some of the more ignorant people in my life about is finally surfacing. When the economy is still the number one priority to a majority of Americans, why is he worrying about these other, mostly unrelated subjects? Because he HAS to push through the more extreme parts of his agenda before the midterm elections next year when he might not have a legislature that passes whatever he throws at them, or more accurately, has them put together on their own without his assistance.
I'm not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, (I am)  I promise. But I do believe that Obama, or rather the people Obama takes orders from, want to drastically change the country to fit the model of what they believe it should be. What about this bill that will force all Americans ages 18-25 to attend some sort of civilian militia-type training for three months, and that Rahm Emanuel would like to be expanded to all citizens below the age of 64? Obama's vision of America, to be frank, terrifies me, hence why I have a blog where I can share my opinions with people that, for whatever reason, care about the random thoughts that float around and bump into each other in my head.
As it is nearly 12:30 AM, about a half hour since I started writing this, I'm going to stop here and probably grab a post-midnight snack, followed by chatting with my other friends who stay up way too late until I suddenly lose consciousness and repeat the cycle again tomorrow.
Until then, I bid you adieu. I'm off to enjoy Wheat Thins and mild insomnia, paired with a bit of perpetual annoyance. Om nom nom.

*I'd need more time and patience than I have to list all the stuff Obama has outright lied about. Let me give you the short version: everything.

**Something The O and his cronies will never tell you is that out of the 50 million or so uninsured, only about 15 million absolutely cannot afford or find access to health care. Huh, fancy that.

***I use that term loosely.

Right-Hand Turn: As I promised...

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