June 18, 2009

The K.O.O.K's Manifesto: In the Beginning

I thought since readership has grown quite a bit I might be able to entice folks to read the early stuff again…  This is some of the best stuff I have done in my opinion. Back when I was really really steamed, before I had all of you as friends.

  • The Beginning Post
  • The Economy (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
  • Energy - It has to come from somewhere.
  • Healthcare - opinion could be hazardous to your he...
  • Truth Justice and the American Way - Why Character...
  • Education - not indoctrination
  • The Wars... Have you forgotten?
  • A totally Politically UN-correct comment on OSAMA
  • Global Warming - the death of common sense illustr...
  • Immigration - the slow (and not so secretly suppor...
  • Abortion - Guaranteed to be the shortest post
  • Gay Marriage - is NOT the issue.
  • The Liberal Agenda
  • The Liberal Test
  • A story from JR HIGH - if you know the title tell ...
  • Alpha's and Omega's - If I have not offended you y...
  • What happened to our Radar? - we the sheeple
  • Where did these weirdos come from? - Yes, I can be...
  • JFK - Geez get off of it already
  • Liberalism - a 21st century religion
  • Seperation of Church and State - an earth shatteri...
  • So why do I care?
  • Taxes - Political Hog Slop
  • Some More Tax Ranting - Go ahead roll your eyes
  • The alternatives to our tax system - take some NO-...
  • Is there such a thing as good and evil?
  • U.S. 2 Party Political Spectrum
  • The K.O.O.K's Manifesto: Sunday, March 1, 2009

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